With the rapid rise in the use of composite structural mouldings throughout many areas of high end manufacturing AEM have found their manufacturing expertise and experience of manufacturing support in this field in demand across varied sectors.


Component supply to composite department build programs in high level motorsport categories. Formula 1 Teams, LMP1, LMP2 and DTM manufacturers operate large build programs with proactive R&D departments driving improvement in all possible areas. As a direct result of design evolving rapidly, parts are required in small batches (1-10) on short leadtime.


Manufacturing support for lightweight high strength components as diverse as sail support mountings and radome weather proof enclosures to sporting and commercial markets.


High strength, light weight, high performance mouldings are utilised in defence and commercial  UAV’s with Rohacell PMI inserts providing consistent high integrity moulding production.


Controversial Silverstone win for Hamilton!

Hamilton bouces back to take a win at Silverstone F1 after punting out Max Verstappen at the super fast Copse corner during the first lap. The race was stopped immediately as the Red Bull went in hard doing major damage to the car and barrier, which needed a repair before the restart.

Nil points for Max!