Values & Policies

Our values have provided the foundations and guidance for our business development to become a trusted partner for leading manufacturers in their production of high precision, lightweight structural composite mouldings.

The company ethos is built on being trusted, flexible and efficient. These qualities are recognised by our customers, employees and suppliers and provide confidence in our service and attention to detail. We have a commitment to offering excellent customer relations and client confidentiality. Integration of business operations and values results in a robust Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy fully underpinning operational ethics, environmental impact and sustainability.

We fully recognise our own responsibility to respect the environment and its resources. We have taken steps to improve our environmental footprint by optimising operation efficiency and waste management activities in order to minimise our environmental impact.

The overall focus is to be more sustainable by preserving available resources for future generations. We achieve this by using efficient, advanced machinery and equipment, ensuring all working areas utilise LED lighting, solar PV electricity generation, prioritising green energy suppliers, minimising waste and recycling initiatives.